DO...Action plan toolkit

These resources are for anyone laying the foundations for great SRE in their school, including headteachers, deputy headteachers and PSHE coordinators.

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Build an effective SRE programme

Great SRE — where to begin.  

Discover the evidence

Why SRE is so important to the development of young people.

Update your SRE policy

The importance of updating your school’s SRE policy to encompass great SRE.

Further your safeguarding policy

How to protect the wellbeing of all young people in your school.

Understand the requirements

How to ensure that SRE in your school meets Ofsted standards.

Work in collaboration

The importance of endorsement from school governors and parents/carers.

Inspire great teachers

Why you should identify, develop and empower SRE champions in your school.

Enhance your content

How to transform your SRE programme with lesson plans, content and activities that inspire.

Spread the word – the whole-school approach

How a whole-school approach can enhance SRE.

Increase awareness of services

Why you should ensure young people can access additional services outside of school.

Quality Review Framework for practitioners of SRE