We are a group of dedicated SRE experts. We are the DO… collaboration. Together, we aim to make great SRE happen for young people.

DO… is our mission in action. Here’s our mission in words…

To lead from the front

Despite the overwhelming evidence of its many and far-reaching benefits, regardless of the repeated discussions in Government and even with the initiatives of committed organisations, effective sex and relationships education that goes above and beyond the science curriculum is still struggling to take hold in our secondary schools.

So, if we are to move forwards, we need to tackle this problem where we can start to make the difference. In our schools.

Our young people have a right to an open and honest sex and relationships education. They need it. Society needs it.

Our school leaders are best placed to lead from the front, to instil a whole school approach to SRE. 

Our school teachers are best placed to give young people the knowledge, skills and values needed to make informed choices. 

And the DO… collaboration is best placed to join forces with you; to share our professional expertise, passion, commitment and reach to make things happen; on the ground, in schools, where it matters.

It’s time to take action – joining forces gives us the power to do great things for SRE and for young people in our schools. 

Together, we CAN do it.

We CAN transform the ability of our schools to deliver open and honest SRE.

We CAN achieve the one goal that unites us all: putting young people first.


Meet the experts behind DO…