Step 1: Before the classroom – reflective preparation

Before the classroom – reflective preparation

Sex and relationships education (SRE) can be a challenging subject to teach because of the nature of the topics, opinions and questions that might arise. But the skills, values and attitudes it develops are both essential and highly rewarding for both you and your students. This resource will help you reflect on your own personal feelings about things like sex, relationships, education and society, before you enter the classroom. This self-reflection will really help you feel comfortable in yourself and your approach to SRE. And, it will greatly enhance your ability to deal with the challenging topics, questions or views that may arise during SRE lessons.

Take some time to read through the advice, work through the self-reflection exercises and do some background research. Once you feel comfortable and confident in yourself, you should go on to use the ‘In the classroom’ resource to help you prepare and deliver engaging SRE lessons.

‘Before the classroom’ includes:

  • Why we need to shift the focus of SRE
  • Teaching SRE
  • Self-reflection exercises:
    1. Your sex education
    2. Hot topics
    3. What is ‘sex’?
    4. Why do people have sex?
    5. Why do people have romantic relationships?
  • Further training and support