Advice for parents

Introduce DO…
to your child’s school
, or find sources of information on relationships and sex to support conversations with your child

You may have had a look around this website before coming to this page and realised that the DO… programme has been created to help schools provide quality RSE that’s more engaging and connected to the reality of young people's lives.

You may have also read about the ‘whole-school approach’ which provides teachers with lesson guidance, plans and materials that make it easier to deliver quality RSE.

If you think DO… could help teachers provide quality RSE for your child, why not share this link or this PDF? They will give them an introduction to DO… and an idea of what they can get from the programme.

If you want to know more or talk to your child about relationships and sex, FPA can help make these conversations easier. 

FPA is a UK-registered sexual health charity providing straightforward information and support on sexual health, relationships and sex to everyone in the UK. They work for the sexual and reproductive rights of people of all ages; encompassing contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy choices, relationships and sex education (RSE), sexuality and sexual wellbeing.

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Finally, here are some other places you can find useful information on relationships and sex: