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Find relevant sources of information on relationships and sex, or share DO… with your teachers

You’ve probably realised by now the DO… programme has been created to help schools deliver the kind of relationships and sex education (RSE) students want. And you may have also read about the ‘whole school approach’, which provides teachers with resources for modern, quality RSE that’s relevant to students from all kinds of backgrounds.

DO… has a holistic approach to RSE that feels more connected to reality and can give you the skills you might need to make more informed choices.

If you think the DO… programme could be useful to your school, why not share this link or this PDF?

Got a specific question? Use the tool below (designed by The Mix for under 25s) to get great advice. You can also visit for many more interesting articles on relationships and sex.

Members of the DO… collaboration have dedicated their working lives to provide the best RSE, specially designed for your needs. Take a look at some of their websites below, they have been created to give you access to free, confidential online advice, great sexual health services and emotional support.

And finally, here are some other places you can find useful information on relationships and sex: