Lesson plans and stimulus

DO… for RSE coordinators offers guidance on how to implement an effective RSE programme in schools


DO… lesson plans and stimulus

These six lesson plans have been specially created by highly dedicated and experienced members of the DO… collaboration, the class activities in lesson stimulus are designed to complement and enhance them.

Lesson plans

1 DO… lesson plans

Each insightful lesson plan is designed to build on the previous one and run as a cohesive programme. They are based on what students want to learn about relationships and sex.

Lesson plan 1: Let's start with you

Explore how the way we feel about ourselves can affect our relationships.

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We need to look after ourselves and the people in our lives

Lesson plan 2: What is expected of you

A look at rules associated with relationships and sex.

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Society creates expectations based on gender

Lesson plan 3: Love

What is love and can it be misleading?

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Different kinds of healthy relationships can nurture us

Lesson plan 4: Communication, consent and sex

The importance of communication and consent.

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Ways we can tune into our needs and the needs of others, to put consent at the centre of relationships

Lesson plan 5: Safer sex

It's a good idea to look at safer sex in the context of relationships.

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How safer sex is better for relationships

Lesson plan 6: Problem solving

Bringing all the basics of RSE together, with your students.

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Combine and apply everything you and your students
have discussed

2 DO… lesson stimulus

These useful exercises have been created to enhance the DO… lesson plans.

  • Consent (is designed to work with lesson plan 1)
  • Relationships (is designed to work with lesson plan 3)
  • Safer sex (is designed to work with lesson plan 5)

They can help make RSE classes more engaging.

a Consent

Interesting ways to explore consent.

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b Relationships

A deeper look at relationships.

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c Safer sex

Risks associated with different activities and how to use a condom.

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