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4 in 5 teachers say they don’t feel sufficiently trained in RSE.* Engage with the DO… programme and share the knowledge, experience and expertise you’ll find there with your colleagues to help them feel better informed and more confident.                                                                                                     

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*Durex, NAHT, NCPTA, NGA (2010). Relationships and sex education: Views from teachers, parents and governors.

1 Reflective preparation

Give your colleagues the support they might need to tackle challenging topics, opinions and questions that may arise while teaching RSE. These self-reflection exercises are designed to be used ahead of the RSE lesson, sharing them with your colleagues can help them feel more comfortable about preparing and delivering quality RSE. The skills, values and attitudes great RSE develops are essential and highly rewarding for both teachers and students. If  we all reflect on personal feelings about sex, relationships, education and society before entering the classroom, it can greatly enhance RSE lessons.


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