The quality resources provided by the DO… programme are tailormade to help all members of the school faculty deliver the inspiring and inclusive RSE their students need

How DO… can help everyone interested in quality RSE and its benefits

DO… takes a holistic approach to RSE, so it doesn’t treat subjects like puberty and contraception as isolated issues. It also tackles challenging topics like porn, STIs, sexting and harassment to ensure the RSE provided is meeting the needs of students today.

It’s free from assumptions, so students from diverse backgrounds can get the information they really want - regardless of sexual preferences or gender identity. As a result, they are able to consider and challenge the expectations of the world around them; which can help them make informed choices to shape their own skills, values and emotions.

The DO… programme can give everyone interested in delivering the best possible RSE accurate, up-to-date, useful information that will support them in their role and help them build on their skills.

DO... for school leaders

  • Discover more about the demand for RSE
  • Incorporate a quality teaching programme  
  • Learn more about statutory requirements
  • Establish an inspiring ‘whole-school approach’
  • Find guidance, practical lesson plans and engaging material

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'By providing young people with high quality RSE we can better prepare them for safe, healthy, happy lives.'

Kim Johnson
Immediate Past President of NAHT [National Association of Head Teachers]

DO... for RSE coordinators

  • Discover more about the demand for RSE
  • Build a quality teaching programme  
  • Benefit from time-efficient resources
  • Employ a cohesive ‘whole school approach’
  • Find guidance, practical lesson plans and engaging material

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'Don’t let the fear of getting it wrong stop you from trying to get it right. With every lesson you deliver, you will learn and improve, especially if you take the time to reflect on what went well, and what could have been better.'

Alice Hoyle
RSE advisor and trainer, RSE hub

DO… for educators

  • Discover more about the demand for RSE
  • Be part of a collaborative ‘whole school approach’ 
  • Find guidance, practical lesson plans and engaging material

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'You don’t have to be a sex education expert, these resources are all about providing great, engaging and challenging teaching methods.'

Justin Hancock
RSE trainer and consultant

DO… for young people

  • Find tools to champion great RSE at your school
  • Discover helpful sites with more information on relationships and sex 

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'RSE lessons can be awkward, but I think there needs to be a stronger focus on it at my school. Resources like these can improve conversations between students and teachers.'

Shannon Coates

DO... for parents

  • Find guidance on how to ensure your child’s school is engaged with great RSE
  • Discover tips on discussing these topics with your child

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'Quality RSE for my boys isn’t about STI scare stories or warning them off sex. I want them to be taught the critical thinking and values that will help them make the right choices in their relationships.'

Ian Busby
Dad and Director at Hive