Why DO… was created

When the DO… collaboration came together we saw the demand for modern, relevant RSE that really connects with young people’s lives

When the DO… programme was set up

8 out of 10 
school leaders

understood the importance of quality RSE

4 out of 5 
young people

wanted their schools to listen to what they want from RSE lessons

of parents

of school-aged pupils wanted RSE taught in schools

These statistics sounded great, but:

1 in 5 
young people

rated their RSE as poor or very poor

1 in 4 
young people

said their teachers were unable to teach engaging RSE

nearly half of 
young people

said their RSE didn’t cover what they really need to know

Evidence shows helping young people deal with relationships and sexual experiences has many and far-reaching benefits for them. It also has a long-term, positive impact on the communities they live in.

Discover the evidence

The importance of RSE to young people is supported by an overwhelming amount of evidence. In this resource, you will find a snapshot of the research and data out there that will emphasise what an effective RSE programme from DO… can help achieve.

Content includes:

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Kim Johnson, Immediate Past President of the NAHT, speaking about the overwhelming evidence that quality RSE has many and far-reaching benefits.